Dental Care Tips from Whitehall Dentist


To begin with, let’s discuss what exactly a cavity is! A cavity is the loss of a little portion of the tooth towards the procedure of decay. This is actually caused due to the action of acids which damage the crystalline structure of the tooth.

There are many early signals of decay that can be spotted. This just affects the tooth enamel. But the structure can be recovered externally by means of some fluorides or other substances. 

Now, let’s check how to deal with these early cavities!

How to deal with early cavities?

1. Reduce Sugar Items 

Primarily sugar acts as a magnet for bacteria. Try to lessen your daily sugar intake. Sugar is highly acidic and it may result in plaque which can further lead to cavities. If plaque is not cleaned away by saliva or brushing, the environment inside your mouth becomes acidic. 

2. Oil Pulling 

Gargling with oil is an age-old technique that cures numerous oral issues along with bacteria. It works effectively for cavities too. You can also go for Mustard oil or Coconut oil. Don’t forget to gargle for at least 5 minutes every day.

3.  Salt Water

Take a tablespoon of salt and mix it with warm water and rinse your mouth with the mix. This is also an age-old method and it actually works. Try to do this every night in order to achieve better results. Salt has some antiseptic and antibacterial properties which fight cavities. 

4. Vanilla essence

Are you shocked? Vanilla essence contains a little bit of alcohol which plays the role of natural pain reliever. It just numbs the portion, which is affected by the cavities. Vanilla essence has analgesic and antiseptic properties to some extent, which is so much effective against cavities.

5. Clove oil: 

This method is an ancient home remedy for all your tooth troubles! Clove oil plays a great role in case of dental ailments. Its medicinal properties minimize the sensation that is caused by the cavities. Cloves have antimicrobial, antiseptic properties that clean your dental cavity. 

Play your Role to Prevent Tooth Decay:

  • Brush your teeth twice daily with fluoride content toothpaste. 
  • Floss at least once a day.
  • Also, use a fluoride-containing mouthwash. 
  • Consume nutritious and balanced meals and lessen your snacks. 
  • Ask your dentist about dental sealants to protect your teeth from further decay.
  • Consume fluoridated water. 
  • Visit your dentist routinely for dental cleanings and exams.

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