Teeth Whitening

Avoid These Teeth Whitening Mistakes

Are you fed up with your stained teeth? The natural shine of our teeth gradually decreases over time as a result of our food and lifestyle. Modern technical advancements in dentistry, on the other hand, have made it feasible to restore our natural tooth color. You can either use ready-to-use teeth whitening kits or get a professional to do it for you. In this article, our dentists at Lake Shore Dental Care have answered all of your teeth whitening questions!

What Teeth Whitening Mistakes Should I Avoid?

Most people make some of these errors, which can be unsafe and make the bleaching process useless. For long-term success, avoid these blunders.

Not Discussing With Your Dentist

You should also discuss your desired method of teeth whitening with your dentist. There are several options to choose from in the market.  It is important to talk with your dental care professional before making a choice. Teeth whitening by a professional is the safest option. However, whitening toothpaste and other whitening kits may also be used. However, they may not be suitable for your dental health and may not be safe for you. Thus,  before whitening your teeth, consult with your Whitehall dentist.

Using Whitening Toothpaste Every Day

Several individuals choose whitening toothpaste and over-the-counter kits and trays since they let you complete the procedure in the comfort of your own home. Some people, on the other hand, apply this particular toothpaste in the same way that they use normal toothpaste. They use it regularly. This can harm your teeth and cause other dental problems. Abrasive chemicals in this specialist toothpaste can destroy your enamel. This could expose your dentin and cause significant gum recession.

Not Following The Instructions On The Package

Failure to follow the guidelines on the packaging is one of the most significant teeth-whitening blunders. To avoid any unwanted consequences, each bleaching product comes with clear directions that must be followed. The directions state how long these gels and whitening strips should be left on your teeth. Most people ignore them and leave these for longer periods of time in the hopes of improving their smiles. Because these products include peroxides, using them can cause plenty of dental issues. If you leave them on for an extended period of time, your gum tissues may become irritated, resulting in a blotchy effect. You can also visit your dentist in Whitehall to avoid these issues entirely.

Consuming Acidic Fruits

It’s a big no-no to eat acidic fruits shortly after you’ve had your teeth whitened. Lemons, oranges, and limes, for example, can start a whole process of enamel erosion. This may eventually reveal your dentin as well as your pulp. It has the potential to develop to further dental problems in the future. If you require additional information, you should visit our dental office immediately.

Avoiding After-Care Instructions

Despite the extensive after-care instructions, many people resume their normal eating and drinking habits once the procedure is over. If you do not take adequate care of your smile, there will be no noticeable results. For at least a few days following your teeth whitening treatment, you must avoid specific beverages such as red wine, coffee, and tea. The same can be said for sugary drinks and fizzy drinks. Smokers should refrain from smoking for at least twenty-four hours after the process. You must also abstain from consuming alcoholic beverages. More after-care advice can be obtained from your Whitehall dentist.
We hope this blog helps you to get the best results from your whitening procedure. Book an appointment with us at Lakeshore Family Dental Care if you are looking for the best teeth whitening procedure in Whitehall, MI.