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Comprehensive Dental Care

Dr. Brunworth and the team at Lakeshore Family Dental Care continually invest in advanced training and cutting edge technology to conveniently provide truly comprehensive dental care in a comfortable setting.


Cosmetic Dentistry

From smile makeovers to clear orthodontics, we offer many cosmetic dentistry services to give you confidence in your beautiful, healthy smile


General Dentistry

From professional cleanings to removing cavities to much more, we offer many services to eliminate oral diseases and give you a healthy, beautiful smile.


Digital Dentistry

Our cutting edge technology allows us to provide convenient and comfortable services like same day crowns to fit into your busy life.


Implant Dentistry

Dental implants provide the support to replace a missing tooth or many missingt teeth with a naturally appearingand functioning replacement


Children's Dentistry

From our mascot Dr. Bearworth to our No Sugar Bugs Club we work hard to make sure our youngest patients have a fun and comfortable experience with us.


Sleep Apnea

Most people know snoring is a very common problem which can lead to many restless nights of the bed partner of a snorer.

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Kid's Dentistry

Searching for a Pediatric Dentist in Whitehall

Our caring team of professionals understand the extra time and attention it takes to be certain that our youngest patients have a great experience at the dental office! Dr. Ryan has years of experience keeping kids comfortable in the dental chair. We strive not only to make your child’s dental visits fun, but also to teach them about the importance of good oral hygiene so that they can maintain a healthy smile for a lifetime!


Children's Corner

Dr. Bearworth is Lakeshore Family Dental Care’s playful mascot. He makes sure children have a wonderful experience at our office.


No Sugar Bugs Club

Our No Sugar Bugs Clubs provides an extra reward for children who have done a great job of taking care of their teeth and do not have any cavities.


Smile Reports

We provide smile reports at all our cleanings and checkups for children. Our smile reports let both the child and their parents know ...

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