Kids Dentistry

Importance Of Kids’ Dentistry!

Pediatric dentistry is a crucial component of preventing and managing any oral problems that can develop in children. Your child has to see a pediatric dentist in Whitehall if they are one year old or older. To start their road toward lifetime dental health, it is advised that your kid visit a pediatric dentist close to you regularly after they turn one or when their first teeth erupt, whichever comes first. Our pediatric dentists at Lakeshore Family Dental Care have provided more information on kids’ dentistry in this blog.

Tooth Decay & Cavities Is Very Common In Children

Children’s tooth-related illnesses are the most prevalent ones! This is why you need to arrange routine appointments for your child with your Whitehall dentist as soon as you see their first tooth or after their first birthday. To guarantee the early detection and treatment of any potential dental issues, your child should visit our dental office at least twice a year for expert tooth cleanings and exams.

A Balanced Diet Is Important

All of us have bacteria in our mouths that feed on the sugars consumed when we eat and drink. The number of sugary snacks you let your youngster consume should be kept to a minimum. Feed them plenty of fruits and vegetables, which are healthy for their teeth and overall health.

Focus On Their Oral Health Early

Contrary to popular belief, parents should take care of their child’s mouth before their teeth have fully erupted. Until their teeth start to erupt, you must make sure to wipe your child’s gums with a warm towel gently. Use a baby toothbrush and a tiny bit of kid-friendly toothpaste to brush their teeth as soon as teeth start to erupt. Up to the time of their first appointment with your Whitehall dentist, this will keep them healthy.

Fluoride Is Important

Some parents want to protect their kids from fluoride because they think it is dangerous. However, one of the best methods to fortify your child’s teeth and guard against cavities is to have fluoride treatments. Our dental team at Lakeshore Family Dental Care advises using fluoridated toothpaste and administering fluoride treatments to children at least once every six months.

Prevents Dental Anxiety

Children can have a great dental experience because of the thorough training pediatric dentists have received. Dentists must take additional courses in child development and work with children with unique needs after dental school. This makes it possible for them to interact and connect with kids in a way that works. Your youngster won’t have dental anxiety thanks to their kind demeanor, cheerful offices, and upbeat approach to dentistry.

Remove The Pacifier

After age two, using a pacifier can harm your child’s oral health in the future. It may alter their bite and result in issues like an overbite or a crossbite. Significant care and visits to an orthodontist are needed to rectify these issues.
We hope this blog has provided you with all the information on pediatric dentistry. Book an appointment at Lakeshore Dental Care for the best pediatric dentistry services in Whitehall, MI.