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Importance Of Fluoride In Our Oral Hygiene

The use of fluoride has split the dental world into two groups. It is a hotly debated topic that has only added to the confusion. Some people believe that fluoride is useful to your oral health. Others raise ethical concerns about the same. Our dentists at Lakeshore Family Dental Care will help you to understand the benefits of fluoride treatments and resolve your doubts once and for all.

What Is Fluoride?

First and foremost, we must have a good understanding of this element. Fluoride can be easily found in our natural surroundings. It can be found in the soil, water, and even some foods. Fluoride is also widely available in several dental products and is also used by dentists as a preventive measure to maintain dental health. You can consult your Whitehall dentist if you have further questions.

Is Fluoride Safe?

Want to know if fluoride is safe? Extreme use of anything can be damaging. As a result, even when it comes to fluoride use, moderation is essential. Multiple countries practice community water fluoridation. Many studies prove the benefits of fluoride for oral health and dental associations confirm it as well. However, some dental care professionals link it to dental and skeletal fluorosis. But your favorite dentist in Whitehall can confirm that monitoring the content of fluoride consumption can easily prevent these diseases.

Importance Of Fluoride

Your favorite Whitehall dentist has listed certain advantages of fluoride below for your better understanding.

Stronger Teeth

Fluoride can remineralize and strengthen your teeth. It decreases the possibility of tooth loss and treats your enamel erosion. Tooth decay and other dental issues are enabled by weak enamel. Using fluoride, can secure your teeth and decrease the number of times you visit your dentist in Whitehall.

Protects From  Harmful Microbes

Fluoride can stop the microbes from attacking and producing acid in your mouth. It makes your enamel stronger and also protects your teeth from further harm. Fluoride itself is antimicrobial. This means it can take it up a notch and kill harmful bacteria. Using dental products that are rich in fluoride can make your teeth stronger and protect you from harmful bacterial infections as well.

Improved Bone Density

Using fluoride daily can improve your bone density. It enhances your dental health and increases your bone mineral concentration. 

Reverses Tooth Decay

Fluoride helps to remineralize your weak teeth. The process of remineralization can also reverse the early signs of tooth decay. Hence, this mineral has the ability to reverse tooth decay and also prevent the formation of dental cavities as well.

We hope this blog has helped you understand the importance of fluoride. Looking for the best dental care services in Whitehall, MI? Book an appointment with us and enjoy our wide range of dental care services.