Dental Care during Halloween


What’s spookier than ghosts, goblins and ghouls? Well, a mouthful of cavities! As Halloween is knocking at the doors and sweet treats abound, it is even more important to battle against the evils of tooth decay. Draft an easy plan to engage your child, finding methods to trigger their interest about dental hygiene. And also make a dental routine that’s fun for your kid. Remember to follow these healthy tips for a teeth-friendly Halloween!

Steer clear of sticky and hard candies!     

Intake of a lot of sugary foods can cause cavities. Try to avoid sticky and hard candies as they have a tendency to get lodged in-between teeth. Food acids usually soften tooth material which can also weaken and damage your tooth enamel. Choose the right beverage and avoid sugary drinks too! Make this Halloween holiday a little less scary!

Brush the right way, and keep the doctor away!

An appropriate brushing technique makes sure that all the food particles get eliminated from your teeth crevices. Look for an ADA seal in toothpaste. So you will remain safe each time you brush. For a BOO-tiful smile, brush twice daily for at least two minutes with gentle strokes! Bacteria still remain on your tongue even after you brush.  Here’s when a tongue-scraper comes into play! Rinse your mouth properly.

Pick the right Toothbrush!

A hygienic dental system starts with a suitable toothbrush. The bristles should be soft and small enough to get in the gaps of your teeth. Do not apply so much pressure as that can make your gums bleed. But in case of plaque, with an appropriate toothbrush you can apply some sort of pressure to scrub it.

Bad Breath is a Witch!         

Suffering from bad breath? Eh, that’s not hygienic at all! Solution?  Introduce a proper mouth-wash in your health-care regimen which is rich in fluoride. Fluoride can dramatically lessen the damage caused by tooth decay. Fluoride in fact, helps you to reduce the acid-level in your mouth and also protect your gums and teeth from sensitivity and other oral problems.

 Floss every day to protect your Vampire Fangs!

Plaque can gradually build up in between the teeth and along the gum-line. Drink lots of water. Floss your teeth using a slow and gentle sawing motion in order to prevent oral problems. Make Floooo-sssing fun and get rid of Count Plaque-la!


Our caring team of professionals provides extra time and attention to our youngest patients so that they have a good and positive experience at our dental office in Whitehall, MI! The Kid’s Dentist, Dr. Ryan has years of expertise keeping kids comfortable during their dental treatment. We strive to make your kid’s dental visits fun, and also teach them to preserve a healthy smile lifelong!